She was raised on lies. Now she must figure out what’s real, or the world is doomed.

Join a teen’s struggle with secret powers in a demonic dystopia.

Aubrey never realized there was a better life beyond being the rebel leader’s disappointing teenage daughter. But when she’s abducted by the government and taught the truth at one of their official academies, she feels torn between two worlds. Wielding a power she didn’t know she had and forced to open a portal to a dark dimension, she must choose who to save — her new friends or her family.

Can Aubrey master her power in time to prevent the world’s utter annihilation?

Book 1 in the page-turning YA dystopian fantasy series. If you like mind-bending journeys, complex characters, and a beautiful balance of hope and despair, then you’ll love A.C. Ward’s ominous tale.

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A.C. Ward · Avoiding The Abyss Audio Book Sample

A new prophesy.

Demons on the loose.

Then the angels come to kill them all.

After her mother abandons her, Aubrey doubts her abilities more than ever. She failed to close the Abyss. Desperate to prove herself, Aubrey enters the demon realm only to trigger a new disaster. She releases the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These angels are uncompromising in their purpose; to massacre humanity.

Aubrey alone has an immunity to match the angels, but it isn’t enough. She is faced with making a pact with a demon, or worse, her own mother. Aubrey must decide or lose those she care about. Will her choices prevent the apocalypse, or are they actually the steps leading to the end?

The second installment in the Abyss trilogy, a coming of age YA dystopian fantasy. Perfect for fans of dystopian worlds, apocalyptic prophesies, and angel lore.

Listen today to find out if Aubrey will avoid Approaching the Abyss.

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A.C. Ward · Approaching The Abyss Audio Book Sample