Was the ability to freeze time worth giving up her former life?

Kali has no memories, only a voice in her head claiming she chose to forget. When she attempts to escape her holding cell, she discovers she has the power to freeze time. Kali uses it to rescue others like herself. But before they can leave, she has to defend against erratic powers by freezing one of her own.

Distrustful of the facility and her former self, Kali is torn between escape and seeking answers from within. There is more to the abilities they’ve developed than she could have imagined. And the longer she stays, the more she comes to care about the others, despite the danger they pose.

Will Kali’s potential save everyone, or prove they should lose their freedom forever?

If you like superpowers, flawed characters, and tragic pasts, then you’ll love A.C. Ward’s captivating tale.

Read The Potential of Forgetting to experience Kali’s second chance at life today!

Content notes:  depression, attempted suicide, bullying, violence.

The Potential of Forgetting 
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Kidnapped by a serial killer, Rowena smiles.

Rowena is tired.

Tired of taking care of her mentally fragile mother.

Exhausted by battling against her fantasies of killing others.

Rowena is ready for it all to end.

On a typical errand to the pharmacy, an encounter with a handsome stranger ends with her drugged and shoved into the trunk of his car. It seems like the answer to her dreams; a swift death to avoid following through on her own dark desires.

But some things are worse than death, and there are other victims held captive with her. If Rowena releases the killer within, will she save them all? Or will she prove to be the monster that she’s always feared?

Death Daydreams 
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Avoiding the Abyss – Book 1 in the Abyss Trilogy

Aubrey has always been told she isn’t special.
If only that had remained true.

Aubrey grew up as part of the rebel movement, protected but lonely. All she wants is her mother’s love, but without an ability she’s worthless in her mother’s eyes.

When she’s captured by the government, Aubrey sees an opportunity to prove her worth. Instead, she realizes that her mother has been withholding many truths. Aubrey experiences an acceptance outside of the rebels that her heart has yearned for, and a discovery. She has an immunity that has never been seen before.

But Aubrey isn’t immune, she’s absorbing powers as the key to the Abyss—a portal into the demon realm. Her mother finally sees purpose in her daughter and hopes to use it for her cause. Aubrey isn’t as certain. If she doesn’t gain control of her ability, she’ll open the gateway to hell and destroy everyone she’s come to care about. Including herself.

Perfect for fans of dystopian worlds, apocalyptic prophesies, and demon lore. Find out if Aubrey will succeed in Avoiding the Abyss. Release date November 2019.

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Approaching the Abyss – Book 2 of the Abyss Trilogy

A new prophesy.
Demons on the loose.
Then the angels come to kill them all.

After her mother abandons her, Aubrey doubts her abilities more than ever. She failed to close the Abyss. Desperate to prove herself, Aubrey enters the demon realm only to trigger a new disaster. She releases the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These angels are uncompromising in their purpose; to massacre humanity.

Aubrey alone has an immunity to match the angels, but it isn’t enough. She is faced with making a pact with a demon, or worse, her own mother. Aubrey must decide or lose those she care about. Will her choices prevent the apocalypse, or are they actually the steps leading to the end?

The second installment in the Abyss trilogy, a coming of age YA dystopian fantasy. Perfect for fans of dystopian worlds, apocalyptic prophesies, and angel lore.

Download today to find out if Aubrey will avoid Approaching the Abyss. Release date November 2019.

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Accepting the Abyss – Book 3 of the Abyss Trilogy

The angels and demons are defeated.

Aubrey knows true happiness.

Then the Devil comes to destroy it all.

Aubrey had never dreamed that life could bring such joy. She has a family, friends, and is falling in love. She’s even mended her relationship with her mother. Together they’re working to change the way abilities are viewed.

But a final prophecy looms, one that threatens to destroy the world. The Devil offers her a deal; to choose her own happiness over the life of an innocent. Lucifer is charming, compelling, but not to be trusted. Neither are many of those Aubrey has grown to care about.

Aubrey has more to lose than ever before. Will she find a path to save humanity, or do all choices lead to the end?

The third installment in the Abyss trilogy, a coming of age YA dystopian fantasy. Perfect for fans of dystopian worlds, apocalyptic prophesies, and devil lore.

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She was raised on lies. Now she must figure out what’s real, or the world is doomed.

Box Set: 500+ pages and three thrilling YA fantasy novels. Join a teen’s struggle with secret powers in a demonic dystopia.

Aubrey never realized there was a better life beyond being the rebel leader’s disappointing teenage daughter. But when she’s abducted by the government and taught the truth at one of their official academies, she feels torn between two worlds. Wielding a power she didn’t know she had and forced to open a portal to a dark dimension, she must choose who to save — her new friends or her family.

As Aubrey struggles to atone for her mistakes and betrayal, she’s pitted against a powerful demon, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and even The Devil himself. And every failure drags her loved ones closer to death.

Can Aubrey master her power in time to prevent the world’s utter annihilation?

The Abyss Trilogy is a box set containing all three books in the page-turning YA dystopian fantasy series. If you like mind-bending journeys, complex characters, and a beautiful balance of hope and despair, then you’ll love A.C. Ward’s ominous tale.

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