My First Historical Fantasy Release

Already this month has been hectic. That’s what I get for taking a family vacation. The Tampa area was gorgeous, and we enjoyed roller coasters, aquariums, and beach days. I actually got to relax and read a book. The winds made the beach cold as the sun went down, but I love capturing the sunset.

Today is the official release day of Katana of Trust, book 1 in The Kami Prophecy! I’m both nervous and excited. This series is very close to my heart, and that makes it more intense. The paperback is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble if you like to hold a book in your hand. You don’t have to wait this time.

In other writing news, the preorder for book 2, Sword of Compassion, has gone up, and the editor is finalizing book 3’s edits this week. I’ve planned out book 5 and my goal is to get back to writing in April, using Camp Nanowrimo as a springboard. I feel like I’ve been editing for soooo long.

As a special treat for my newsletter fans, I wrote a short story set in the world, titled A Tengu’s Regard.