The Kami Prophecy – A Samurai Fantasy Series

Katana of Trust – Book 1
Sword of Compassion – Book 2
Spear of Courage – Book 3
Shuriken of Honor – Book 4

Escaping death by her father’s hand was only the beginning….

Determined to prove herself to the gods, Shou will do anything to forget the journey that brought her to the island of the kami.  Now is her time to rise up and take her place as the true chosen one.

But when enemies try to destroy Shou, another human saves her. She’s shocked that he bears the same mark as she.  Suddenly, Shou questions everything about her history.  Is she truly the chosen one of the prophecy?

Teaming up with Masaru, heir to the Date clan, is her only option to uncover the truth and save herself from death.  As Masaru and Shou grow closer, one thing is certain: they’ve been wrong about the prophecy all along.  Nameless and desperate, will Shou find her courage and fight for her place among the kami or forge a path of her own?

The first book in The Kami Prophecy, a YA fantasy set in feudal Japan.

Published March 15, 2021. Find on your favorite platform here: https://books2read.com/katanaoftrust

He protects her.

His mother wants her dead….

Living in the human world is difficult for Shou. She wants nothing more than to remain in the life she is building with Marasu, heir to the Date clan.  Shou’s feelings grow beyond just the need to repay him for all he’s done for her.  But like the kami that she knows so well, power struggles exist among the humans.  Crossing Lady Date is a grave mistake.

With the secret of her lineage at risk, Shou must rid herself of her disguise to survive her vindictive family’s next attempt on her life.  Doing so is harder than she ever imagined.  Now, it’s up to Shou to battle the politics of the human world.  But will she prevail when the gods also throw another deadly challenge her way?  

The second book in The Kami Prophecy, a YA fantasy set in feudal Japan.

Published April 15, 2021. Find on your favorite platform here: https://books2read.com/swordofcompassion

Will protecting her bring disaster on those she loves?

Finally surrounded by people she cares about, Shou begins to embrace her new life.  Her friendship with Masaru, the heir to the Date clan, intensifies as they travel in search of allies. Forming alliances is her only chance against the family that’s hellbent on killing her. But when a new enemy targets Masaru instead of Shou, everything changes.

Determined to save him, Shou refuses his protection and sets out on her own.  With a more sinister and darker force threatening them, nobody can help—not even her kami friends. Torn between the human world and her duty to the gods, Shou must sacrifice everything for the one she loves.  But will she pay the ultimate price for doing the unthinkable and turning on the kami?

The third book in The Kami Prophecy, a YA fantasy set in a world based on feudal Japan.

Published May15, 2021. Find on your favorite platform here: https://books2read.com/spearofcourage

She’s the most powerful kami’s target…

Separated from Masaru, Shou is ready to face her past. Discovering the truth about her heritage confuses and intrigues her. In seeking out her shinobi lineage, Shou’s enemies unite against her.  Suddenly, she’s in a perilous battle with her father, the shinobi, and even the queen of the kami.

But when the king shields her, Shou finally understands exactly what the kami has been seeking all along. Faced with all that she once desired, Shou instead wants to fight against the gods. But will choosing the kami be the only way to protect the one she loves?

The fourth book in The Kami Prophecy, a YA series based on some historical fact and full of action, mythical creatures, and romance, all set in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan.

Published June 15, 2021. Find on your favorite platform here: https://books2read.com/shurikenofhonor

Book 5
Coming Late 2021

Book 6
Coming 2022