Was the ability to freeze time worth giving up her former life?

Kali has no memories, only a voice in her head claiming she chose to forget. Scientists appear with a syringe to drug her yet again, and Kali discovers she has a power – freezing time.

In her attempt to escape, she rescues others like herself. But when another loses control of their ability, Kali must use her new power as defense against one of her own.

Distrustful of the facility and her former self, Kali is torn between escape and seeking answers from within. The longer she stays, the more attached she becomes to the others, despite rising injuries.

Will Kali’s potential save everyone, or prove they should lose their freedom forever?

If you like superpowers, flawed characters, and tragic pasts, then you’ll love A.C. Ward’s captivating tale.

Just Published!


The Kami Prophecy – A Samurai Fantasy Series

Katana of Trust – Book 1
Sword of Compassion – Book 2
Spear of Courage – Book 3
Shuriken of Honor – Book 4

Coming in 2021