Venturing Into the Sun and A New Tattoo

I’ve finally found a cure to my insomnia, now that the weather is warmer. The sun. There is something that settles inside me when I lay out in the backyard and soak in the beautiful weather.

In celebration of meeting my publishing goals, I rewarded myself with a new tattoo. It’s a katana inspired by a pinterest board. I think it turned out wonderful. I’m so in love with it.

In writerly news, I am currently writing book 5 in The Kami Prophecy! This one has a lot of returning characters from book 1. And though I had no plans for it, my shinobi showed up again.

Book 4 is back from the editor as well, so that’s next on the list and will be up for pre-order soon.

Today is the release day of book 2, Sword of Compassion! The cover that started it all. I hope you enjoy the dynamics between Katashi, Masaru, and Shou in book 2.

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